Truffula Trees!!! DIY!


After seeing a slew of pins with Truffula trees I had to take a crack at them myself.  First of all. The Lorax is probs my fave Dr. Suess book, and these damn trees are just TOO CUTE!  So, since I love sharing more than anything, I will share with you how I make mine.

Since I am a credit where credit is due… my pinspiration

you will need:

  1. Styrofoam balls (I got mine at the Dollar Tree)
  2. Dowel (Wal-mart craft area, word)
  3. small plant pots (Dollar Tree summer stuff!)
  4. Feather Boa (or feathers, or fur, basically just something FLUFFY) I got one yard lengths of the by the yard from Wal-Mart
  5. glue. always glue.
  6. floral moss (Dollar Tree, and I will have this shit for years)
  7. Paint.  after looking at pictures I chose to go with yellow for the base and then gray or green for the stripes.

10557252_10152275592982657_5683113326358347772_n 10636069_10152275592822657_4921157697901427974_n 10614345_10152275592742657_4380621190741488313_n 10410520_10152275592887657_2799307771532415231_n10671374_10152275592702657_2706634870646332951_n  10645059_10152275593037657_2205079508647123595_n 10439498_10152275592367657_236990854195970836_n


Take some glue and a ball from the pack.  glue the ball into the bottom of the pot.

Next.  Stick the dowel into the styrofoam and see how tall you want your tree.  Snip or break off the extra (I needed the other big ball in the pack so I used the smaller balls to fill in the base, you really only need to do this if you don’t want to fill the extra space with moss)

Paint the dowel yellow, I did this AFTER I put my fluff ball on, but do it before.  Just trust me
Paint the stripes on with green or gray depending on your preference.

Glue the shit out of that ball. just do it.  I love glue, I use way too much. but for this, you are going to want to.
Start wrapping the fluff around the ball (or gluing on fluffy feathers)  Make sure it is covered!

Give yourself another generous glue squeeze along the top of the styrofoam balls in the base.  also glue around the inside of the pot.

grab a pinch of the moss and press it onto the glued areas.


I chose to write unless on the purple one, because the friend that it was for likes the quote that goes along with it.   Feel free to decorate the pots to your taste!

10492613_10152250041087657_4865383825561503969_n                              1503970_10152275590797657_5371444584832093397_n


i don’t want to not do anything.

but yet.

that is all i do.

MY anxiety


I feel that I should share what MY anxiety is.    

I sit all day long with a feeling in my chest.  It is best described as excitement.  Like I am looking forward to something, but nothing ever comes.    My legs bounce, I get antsy and I need to do things to keep my mind off of EVERYTHING (as to the crafting)  

My anxiety is parking my parents old van in the garage on Friday night and being worried all weekend that come Monday morning I won’t be able to get it past the neighbors car.  The whole weekend. 

My anxiety is making plans to do something, and fearing and dreading it.  What am I going to wear, who am I going to talk to, how do I get there, who else will be there, why did I say I would do this… and so on.  It used to cause my husband and I to FIGHT before we left.  EVERY time.  Now it only occasionally happens, because he is more understanding of why I am acting the way that I am.   I still do not like going places, and still last minute panic and do not want to go.  Even if it is something that I am excited about.

My anxiety is a heavy heartbeat all day.  

My anxiety is mine. It is mine to have, mine to keep to myself, mine to let only destroy me and not others. 

My anxiety is real.

Football Garland!


I am a Phlebotomist at a Doctor’s office.  I have my own lab, that is off in the corner by myself.  It is a little sad and lonely back there sometimes so I like to decorate it.  Keep it lively and stuff you know?  Anyways.  Last year I got my undies all excited about fall, so I put fall decor up in the beginning of September.   This year I decided that since our Summer was pretty much Autumn I shouldn’t be doing that so quickly.

So what to do instead??


To Pinterest I went to find my foozeball board.  And came back with… well nothing.  Apparently I have only pinned pictures of football shaped food and funny Packers stuff.   So to the search I went!!  I use pinterest for inspiration. I basically do not ever follow the links. I am there strictly for the pictures.  Terrible I know.  I will follow through on some things, but I am a pin now read later! 

 Since I like to give credit where credit is due, this is my inspiration.


What you will need:

  • Green… felt, rug, fake grass, something 
  • Brown felt (or leather if you wanted it to be more authentic)
  • Some sort of ribbon or rope or what have you to string the things to
  • White ribbon or laces… I am starting to inspire myself to make a more realistic one…
  • Glue
  • Hot glue
  • desire to have fun!!!! (ohmygoodnessiamsototallykiddingrightnow)


 I got this here classic mat at the Dollar Tree.  It was in a weird aisle.  Like the bathroom one or something like that.


Mindi, you ask,  why do you need a pattern for a triangle?  Because friend my body does NOT understand straight lines.   just trust me.   Isosceles if you were wondering.   

image                                                                                           So cut them shits out of the mat like so.  Yes I am using my fabric scissors.  But the handle was chewed by someone who will remain nameless (Digby)     So I need a new pair anyway.  There was no way paper scissors were cutting through this bitch.

Also sorry for the blurry pictures…. Apparently my phone screen and camera aren’t feeling each other.                     



Guess who is new to taking pictures and explaining steps?  yup.  Basically what I did here was place the triangles down and use the football template as a spacer. I got super lucky with my ribbon having dots so no measuring was needed.  If equal space is something that is important to you get out your handy dandy measuring tape and have a great time doing math. 



Here is a football template on a brown piece of felt.  I did not trace it. I taped and cut.  I also got bored of doing one at a time, so I folded the felt in half and did two at a time.  I actually could probably fit three on there now that I look at it. image                                                                                              


image                                                                                              I chose to go with the one on the right for a few different reasons.

  1. I’m lazy
  2. I do not have a lighter at work to burn the ribbon ends
  3. I am too damn picky to be making the cute ones on the left seven times
  4. I am a lazy fucking beast.


Hello my crafting love of my life.   And here is miss a step picture.  Basically I took that there glue there and put an ass ton of it on the ribbon (I have a glue problem that I am currently in the process of admitting) I totally eyeballed each and every one.   Then i flipped them over and trimmed the ribbon so there was none showing.  I should mention that I had to clean up the edges of the footballs.  If you are a cleaner person than I, you can skip that step. 




This is my best friend sometimes. I used to think I was a low temp.  Nope. Even though I have burnt my fingers at least 75 times in the 3 times I have used my high temp glue gun, I like that it doesn’t leave little stringy friends (that is a hair in the picture. yeah. gross.)


I took the staples out of the triangles and then glued those to the ribbon.  Then went the footballs.    Eventually I am going to have to put popsicle sticks or starch on the footballs so they don’t slump.  I just thought this was so cute and needed to get it up.  



blog shot


So there you have it.  My first step by step.   Total cost of this project was like 2 dollars since I used half of everything.   It was easy peasy to make.  It is something that can be used again and again.  I did not realize how many I  had, and then I counted 7 of each.  So I coooouuullllddd put P A C K E R S on it!   I think for now, I am going to leave it as is.



I finally am starting to feel better.  

I still project self hate like it is going out of style.  BUT that is something that I will always do.

Switched medications.  My depression is getting curbed, but now my anxiety is back.  However, if I had to choose which one to live with I choose anxiety.  The slight panic attacks once a day are not my most favorite, but that is better than not wanting to even get out of bed.

And I do not even know if I would call them attacks.  Just a feeling of anxiety for a couple hours in the afternoon.   Do not try to get me on an airplane though.

Also, don’t get stuck somewhere I can’t find you if you are my dog.   

It is better than walking around in a daze and not being able to enjoy anything though. 

everything is up to me.

sitting pretty


at 195.

I know it is just a fucking number.  but it haunts me. heavy. 

it is the heaviest. also. it is 30 lbs in a year that I added.  30. you know how long it is going to take to lose that?  and then some?  I lost weight for my wedding. I still did not like the way I looked.  

Who can change it?


who is going to?